the land is as adventurous as the rolling waves
even the lustered images in my mind will one day fade
i’ll think of it fondly, at my time when i was away
but i promise you i’m here for good, i’m here to stay
I have journeys of my own and waves that call my name
I feel habits clinging and voices singing that I’m nothing but the same
But then I see you standing with your back against the waves
And I choose the land; I choose your hand and I, too, am here to stay
we scream into the ocean, of both our fears and our delights
the sun sets behind us, while shadows drift into the oncoming night
i turn around and see bushes and hills ablaze with light
the land is altar-ed, and i am filled with both awe and fright
I don’t know what’s past the hillside,
and I’m not sure about what you’ll find
Inside of me, my doubts, my dreams,
but with you I’ll scream, I’ll speak
Of the demons that call me home,
and the drinks that dampen these bones
And I’ll trust you can find something beautiful to hold

They say a ship in port is safe, but that’s not why it’s built
To risk and rage against the night and remain true

I want to climb in deeper; I want to know you more
To rummage through the mess you claim and to hear about the storms
Tell me about those scoundrels; remember them out loud
I will hold your compound questions for as long as you allow
i vow to let you see, every part of me that there is to see
both the broken and the mended, the beautiful and the ugly
i can’t promise that we’ll like what lies deep beneath
but i’ll be honest with you, and tell you about my time at sea 
And I vow to follow your lead, even when I fear the deep sea
And I’ll give you grace to forge a path that might be just a faint dream
I’ll give you all my pieces, long before I’ve made them whole
And I’ll take your name, reclaim the waves, and sail into your soul
i’ll hold your hand tighter, especially when the storms hits
and hope to make it all better, but i also know this
there will be broken promises mended with grave failings 
but my love, we were never promised smooth sailing

They say a ship in port is safe, but that’s not why it’s built
To risk and rage against the night and remain true still
… remain true still.


from Tales from the Drink, released January 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Peter the Whaler Arkansas

This is the solo effort of Peter the Whaler, a founding member of the hip-hop collective BTNKS. He is obsessed with finding beauty in the small things, and loves stories–which can be seen in his dense lyrical storytelling. He grew up wanting to be a rapper, a psychologist, a wanderer, a writer, a poet, an artist, and a myriad of other things...and with this project, he attempts to do just that. ... more

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